Regarding God

Those philosophical concepts that surround the realms of theology and religions and the nature of deities, especially God, continue to be debated as they have been for thousands of years. Opinions proliferate here and there and in fact anywhere and everywhere where two or more humans are in close proximity. There’s the theist side; there’s the atheist side. There aren’t too many fence-sitters. I’m in the atheist camp as this helping of some of my religious thoughts regarding God demonstrate.

Regarding God’s Creation

*Fairy Tale #1: In The Beginning.

So if I get this right, God (Mr. Yahweh) created the Universe 13.8 billion years ago but eventually got tired and bored with it. Fast forward to some 4.5 billion years ago and He added to His real estate empire by creating The Earth (as well as the Sun and the rest of the solar system). Ultimately He got bored with this hunk of sterile rock and so some 4 billion years ago He created little microbes for His amusement, but ultimately after a few billion years He got bored with them too – they weren’t very good company or worshippers. So some 500 – 600 million years ago He upped the ante and created multi-cellular critters, and then other types of multi-cellular critters, etc., etc., etc, all of which also proved to be rather indifferent company and didn’t worship Him either. What a bummer! Then at long, long, long last comes His “Eureka” moment (several million years ago) and He created those primate ‘humans’ and ultimately evolved them into modern humans some 200,000 years ago. Bad mistake! To make a long temporal story even longer, He almost immediately thereafter regretted His creation of humans (and of multi-cellular critters too) and drowned nearly the whole lot of them. So much for His omniscience!

So it takes God a minimum of 13.8 billion years to get around to creating (and then nearly destroying) the alleged pinnacle of His creation (i.e. – us). How likely is that scenario? Damned unlikely for a real deity!

*Fairy Tale #2: Once Upon A Time.

So here we have anthropological / archaeological evidence of human religious and spiritual beliefs extending back at least 50,000 years as documented by evidence of actual grave goods buried along with humans suggestive of belief in an afterlife, among other lines of evidence. Fast forward now some 45,000 years later on down the track and all of a sudden Mr. Yahweh makes His grand entrance, albeit to a rather small and uneducated audience.

“So here I am folks, I’m Mr. Big” [at least in terms of ego]. “I’m your One True God and you will have no other gods before Me – or else!” Further, Mr. Yahweh only gives His big “I Exist” statement to a tiny band of rather primitive goat / sheep herders in just one tiny geographical part of the inhabited world instead of broadcasting His “I exist” to all peoples in all societies in all inhabited geographical areas (including the Americas, Australia and Asia). Of course at that time He made no mention of His soon to be sidekick and Right-Hand Man, Jesus. What utter pure bovine fertilizer derived nonsense! So come on, let’s get really real here – this is story-telling, just myths and fairy tales presented for humans by humans and at that time a very select group of humans at that.

Regarding God’s Variations On A Kalam Theme: Taking William Lane Craig To A Logical Conclusion!

Now according to William Lane Craig (oft featured in interviews and debates on YouTube) everything that has a beginning has a cause. The Universe had a beginning. Therefore the Universe had a cause. Therefore that cause was God! That’s the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Okay, let’s extend that series of premises and conclusions.

Everything that has a beginning has a cause. Earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, pandemics, epidemics, blight, droughts, floods, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, shark attacks, locust plagues, algae blooms, hail, sleet, blizzards, landslides, avalanches, even ice ages and asteroid impacts each have a beginning. Therefore each of these events have a cause. Ultimately that cause has to be traced back to God.

P.S. And God loves you!

P.P.S. Thanks be to JT Eberhard for the inspiration behind this revelation.

Regarding God Is Love

A common statement is that “God is love”. But that is either reducing God to just an emotion or to a statement of morality. Anyone who adopts God’s version of morality would find themselves arrested and jailed (if not executed) in any country in the world! God sure didn’t show much love to humanity or to the animal kingdom by bringing on The Flood. God didn’t show much love to the residents of Sodom & Gomorrah. God didn’t show much love to the ancient Egyptians as related in Exodus. God didn’t show much love to all of those cultures / societies that stood between His Chosen People and the Promised Land. The very fact that God had a Chosen People itself showed that God did not love everyone equally. And God didn’t show much love for Abraham or Job, and if I recall correctly He even tried to kill Moses!

As just one of numerous examples in the Bible, do have a look at 1 Samuel 15: 3.

Regarding the Hidden God Problem

It would seem that God, assuming a God of course, went to a lot of time and trouble, effort and energy, to establish His existence to a rather tiny band of quasi-illiterate goat / sheep herders in a rather restricted geographical region of the world thousands of years ago. Alas, there’s no evidence that survives all of His revelations regarding His existence. So, if God wants to obtain the faith of the multitudes in this more modern, global, and scientific age, He really needs to update His public relations and advertise His brand in such a way that there is no doubt as to His existence. Surely it is not logical to expect the multitudes thousands of years after-the-fact to have the same True Faith and Belief systems in place as did those semi-illiterate goat and sheep herders, based on evidence available to them then but which has evaporated in the fullness of time and is no longer available. So, if God exists, then yes, I’d expect Him to provide an update as to what He’s been up to for the last 3000+ years and thus instantly convert over seven billion people into accepting Him as the One True God. It shouldn’t be difficult. That God remains hidden speaks volumes IMHO.

Regarding the God of Economic Necessity

If the entire world immediately stopped believing in God there would be major economic consequences following on from that.

Probably the most central reason for the collective belief in God is a purely economic one. The entire concept of God has been and is today a multi-billion dollar enterprise.

Consider the value in buildings and in the land holdings held by religious institutions. What’s the value of the Vatican? What worth can be ascribed to all of the major cathedrals scattered around the world? Add to the value of those real estate collections the value of thousands of religious artworks of all kinds – paintings, sculptures, stained-glass windows, etc. It’s all a major and ever ongoing industry. The value of religious-themed an associated artefacts – gold, silver and jewels would have to amount to many millions of dollars too.

Religious publishing is a major division of the worldwide publishing industry considering all of the hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of pro-Christian books, pamphlets and articles collectively published in the past, today, and no doubt continuing well into the foreseeable future. There are also many Christian publishing houses publishing nothing but godly works and words.

Then there’s all of the other mass media outlets for expressing purely religious messages. Many are owned and operated by religious institutions like those Christian Internet sites as well as radio and TV stations broadcasting God’s message 24/7/52. The production of videos and independent films are a major part of this propaganda machine. Not to be left out of the picture, Hollywood (and similar other studios) has often jumped on the religious-themed bandwagon.

And how many millions of people worldwide are in the employment of religious institutions including all of the teachers employed by all of those religious-oriented schools and universities? Yes, millions of people depend on the belief in the existence of God for their paychecks.

Finally there are all of the armaments required by warring religious factions that’s got to be bought and paid for. Over the past several thousand years how many billions of dollars worth of weapons have been manufactured so that one infidel could kill another infidel? Lots of people get to be employed for that reason along.

So if one eliminates God (and company) from the world scene, you’d put a rather large dent in the economic engine that drives the world. So vested interests rule, and so rule that God stays relevant – for purely economic reasons.

Regarding The Mantra “Therefore God Exists”

Everyone already knows in their hearts that God exists, therefore God exists.

You cannot prove that God doesn’t exist, therefore God exists.

I assume that God exists, therefore God exists.

There is something rather than nothing, therefore God exists.

The rainbow was created by God (Genesis 9: 11-16) as God’s covenant that He wouldn’t drown the lot of humanity ever again. The rainbow obviously exists so therefore God exists.

Humans consider so highly of themselves that obviously an all-omni deity must have created us because we’re so super-special. Since we are the measure of all things and the apple of God’s eye, therefore God must exist. But then too we do have a talent for deceiving ourselves!

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, therefore God exists.

Regarding God’s Nonexistence

Presumably True Believers don’t believe in the actual existence of Achilles, Aphrodite, Apollo, Asgard, Astrology, Bigfoot (Sasquatch), Calvin & Hobbs, Centaurs, Cerberus, Chimera, Cinderella, Dick Tracy, Doctor Watson, Doctor Who, Dragons, the Easter Bunny, El Dorado, Elves, Fairies (at the bottom of the garden), Felix the Cat, Godzilla, Hades, Hansel & Gretel, Hel, Helen (of Troy), Hercules, Horus, King Kong, Leprechauns, the Loch Ness Monster, Loki, Mickey Mouse, the Minotaur, Moriarty, Mothman, Paladin, Paul Bunyan, Pegasus, Pinocchio, Professor Challenger, the Rainbow Serpent, Santa Claus, Shangri-La, Siegfried, Sleeping Beauty, Snoopy, Snow White, Spiderman, Superman, Thor, the Tooth Fairy, Turandot, Unicorns, Valhalla, Wizards, and Wonder Woman (among thousands of possibilities). Why don’t True Believers believe in the actual existence of these entities and geographies? The answer would appear to be fairly obvious. Reason dictates that these entities and geographies are non-existent; they have no independent really real reality. Now True Believers should apply that same reasoning to God & Satan, to other major Biblical players like say Adam & Eve, and to say places like Heaven & Hell. What then should True Believers conclude?

Just saying that God exists rolls off of the tongue very easily – now prove it! If I ask True Believers to prove to me that the Moon goes around the Earth; that salt water is a mixture; that beheading results in death; that cows eat grass; that Paris (France) is an actual geographical place; that Cleopatra was the Queen of the Nile; and that George Washington was the first president of the USA, True Believers wouldn’t be overly challenged. But True Believers can’t prove the existence of God (or any other deity).

So there’s no point in True Believers talking about God and God’s nature and traits and what God wants or doesn’t want or what He did or didn’t do UNLESS True Believers can first and foremost PROVE that their God actually exists – otherwise they are pontificating about a fictional / literary character. In other words, it’s like telling us all about Alice in Wonderland or about Zeus or about Santa Claus or about Superman*. And while it is perfectly A-OK for True Believers to express their belief or their faith in God, it is NOT A-OK to express God as an actual fact since there is no way for True Believers to know that ‘actual fact’. And by “know that” I mean True Believers cannot actually provide any independently verifiable observation or experimental evidence like having Him appear to an audience in person performing all sorts of hocus-pocus wand-waving supernatural magic. Even a photograph would be something, albeit not much in this modern era of CGI and photo-shop. Nor could True Believers even hand off the issue to someone else who can, since nobody else can either, unlike for example knowledge that an electron exists or that a distant galaxy exists because True Believers can have someone else – an expert in these things – demonstrate them to you. But not even The Pope can actually demonstrate the actual existence of God’s existence to you as an actual fact.

Can anyone prove that God doesn’t exist? Probably not on the grounds that you can’t prove a negative. BUT, you can prove the virtual improbability of God. The basic ways and means is to point out all of the contradictions and inconsistencies inherent when addressing the concept of God and His holy text, The Bible. Proving something is knowing something and for example, you know that there can’t be a round square or that two plus two doesn’t equal five (Big Brother notwithstanding) or that the future doesn’t precede the past. So one can gain knowledge through the application of logical contradictions. So, applying that sort of logic to God, it’s pretty obvious that God can’t be both omniscient AND possesses free will. It’s also obvious that either the Old Testament is incorrect / inaccurate OR God is really immoral. God cannot both exist outside of time and space AND yet also have a direct influence over time and space. The creation of something from nothing is a logical contradiction SO therefore God cannot have created a Cosmos out of pure nothing. From nothing, nothing comes. You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

Apparently between Biblical scholars and avid readers of the Bible, say the King James Version, have found over 800 contradictions and inconsistencies therein (and there’s apparently a website which lists or outlines the lot of them). For example, both accounts of the creation in Genesis cannot both be true (though both could be false); ditto the two different renderings of what the human lifespan will be; ditto dozens of other examples as for example exactly how many animals of each species would be brought onto the Ark. There are also lots of inconsistencies with established science. For example, either chemistry is true and therefore a human body cannot be turned into a pillar of salt, or else chemistry isn’t a valid science.

*It’s pretty meaningless to talk about the various traits and characteristics and superpowers that Superman has in the context of really real reality since Superman is just a fictional character. If you could somehow prove that Superman had a really real existence then it would be logical to talk about his mannerisms and superpowers and how they in turn can affect us.

Regarding God’s Christianity

I found the following definition of Christianity given by Dr. Richard Carrier on one of his many YouTube lectures so irresistible that I’m sure Dr. Carrier wouldn’t mind my sharing his wisdom with you. So here’s Dr. Carrier’s definition of Christianity:

“Christianity: The belief that some cosmic Jewish zombie can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him that you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.”

Regarding God’s Inconsistencies

Say there are three churches in your community. There’s the Church of Santa Claus; the Church of the Easter Bunny; and the Church of the Tooth Fairy. Now presumably you could worship in True Faith and Belief at all three of these theological institutions since there are no discrepancies, inconsistencies or contradictions between the trinity.

Now say there are three other churches in your community. There’s a Jewish Synagogue*; a Muslim Mosque*; and a Christian House of Worship*. You cannot now in True Faith and Belief worship in all three because you know there are major discrepancies, inconsistencies or contradictions between this trinity. Now throw in multi-dozens more religious doctrines live Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Quakers, the Mormons, the Church of Scientology, Buddhism, Hinduism, the Hare Krishna sect, Satanism, Zoroastrianism, and even those Jedi Knights. There’s probably at least one house of worship dedicated to the teachings of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

*Each of which has at least a couple if not hundreds of denominational variations, often major, on their central theme.

Book Review – “Culture to Culture” by Nan Leaptrott

Culture to Culture: Mission Trip Do’s and Don’ts

by Nan Leaptrott

340 pages, $14.99

ISBN: 0-89957-156-5

Nonfiction – Practical Theology/Anthropology

Review by Steven King, MBA, MEd

Nan Leaptrott, an internationally renowned speaker and founder of Global Business Consultants, has written an indispensible aid for those entertaining activities in global mission work. Her Culture to Culture should be required reading for anyone contemplating service on the mission field-it should be in all church libraries; a required part of the curriculum in Bible college and/or seminary; and given to all who are ordained as a missionary.

Why is this book indispensable? It cuts to the heart of what is the largest violation of intercultural etiquette-cultural insensitivity. Or, more to the point, the hubris and largesse which informs much of what Americans construe as mission work: the subtle belief that the American way is the only way things are done in this world. As Leaptrott is quick to point out, the fact of global westernization does not imply eradication of other cultures. Missionaries, therefore, should be very sensitive to the culture of any country to which they travel. When Jesus encounters the Samaritan woman at the well (John 9), her question “You are a Jew, and I am a Samaritan woman. Why are you asking me for a drink? (NLT)” underlines the idea that cultural sensitivity matters.

Culture to Culture gives the missionary an encyclopedic reference to culture; whether it is surface culture (what you see on onset) or reference culture (the nuances of culture which are not seen right away). Since culture influences beliefs/values, etiquette/behavior, human relations, communication, and time, any cultural gaffe could be devastating to the missionary enterprise. Ethnocentric obstinacy not only proves a superiority mindset – it could ultimately undermine the building of God’s kingdom.

The book is divided into the following regions: Western Europe, Latin America, Arab Region, Asia/Pacific, Central/Eastern Europe, and Africa. Each region is subdivided into its respective country profiles. In each section, Leaptrott analyzes the country’s religious history and influential governing principles. The missionary-in-training will understand hierarchy, level of preparation needed, punctuality expected, level of formality, and dress/dining styles of the host country. Specific alerts, such as “transaction alerts,” or “interaction alerts,” are offset and in boldface for emphasis. After a thorough guide to international dining, the author provides an extensive alphabetical country-by-country summary for quick reference.

Culture to Culture is an excellent resource to communicate proper protocol for

missionaries. In essence, missionaries should:

· Be informed

· Have a plan

· Build bridges

· Reflect Christ

· And, if doubtful – ask questions.

If the objective of mission work is to demonstrate Jesus, then missionaries should walk in gracious objectivity – otherwise, wanton subjectivity may keep others from ever seeing Jesus.

Deciphering The Emerald Tablet 1

Basically, when ever our minds pause before an idea, a phrase or an expression, we relate it to metaphor due to failure of our recognition to its meaning and sense of logic.

There seems to be a different reality in existence, a reality that is not easily grasped by the ordinary, unless that ordinary takes time to use his imagination and back it up with further research.

Since we agree that mythology and legend are but another form and fabric of what might be a vague history, we need to recognize that we do not perceive history in its own reality but rather in our own. Since our own reality is what makes sense to us. The rest may fall under the unknown category…

Our attempt to explore deeper into the emerald tablets is generated from our conviction that such ancient knowledge deserves a better and more serious study for what it contains from paranormal description of events that ordinary layman considers as fictional, yet still coincides with theoretical science and somewhat the practical one as well.

Landing on the moon was regarded fictional even long after Armstrong walked on its surface, reaching mars was even more fictional, teleportation still is, and there are tens of other issues we still regard fictional due to our lack of comprehension to it.

To the skeptics and doubtful I would reiterate that what was considered fictional and became fact does not stop at what we conceive and how we perceive it. And if we are to stop at turning our thoughts away from what we cannot understand or fail to recognize we would have never reached outer space.

Now to tablets 1 of the Emerald we pierce into and indulge our imagination…

(Thoth, living from generation to generation),

There are several references that this historical character Thoth was granted immortality till a day comes where he would confront the antichrist face to face.

(Being to pass into the halls of Amanti),

In general the Halls of Amanti stands for a place of sanctuary, this place exist in a different space/time and different dimension within the Earth heart.

Keor is the capital city of Undal that belonged to the archipelago of Lost Atlantis (the ten islands) which might be right on top of the passage way to Amanti that was used by Thoth.

And somehow the atlanteans likewise Thoth found a way to rejuvenate and renew their life by embarking on a trip to and fro the Halls of Amanti.

(I descended the dark way that led into light,

and as many times have I ascended from the

darkness into the light my strength and power renewed)

According to Thoth descending the dark way that led to light, and ascending from the darkness into the light enabled him to renew his power.

By saying descending the dark way he maybe indicating to space that separates the surface of earth from its core, leading to light would be the core. That is why in his ascent he also describes the trip from darkness again into the light, which is also the space that separates the core from earth surface on the return trip.

Somehow, in applying his interstellar light speed travel he gained immortality. And to make this concept easier to understand one needs to remember the theory of relativity and Albert Einstein, having said that, we need to elaborate that such travel was not taken by physical form but rather astral.

This is also related to the whole concept of what is above is as what is below.

(Knowing the wisdom of old,

seeking far within the heart of infinity

knowledge that belonged to Earth’s youth)

There was an ancient knowledge and wisdom which by far exceeded our current, though; we have started to comprehend some of its laws and principles…

A clear indication to the presence of alien super beings dwelling with man on planet earth and at one stage mating with man and teaching man arts of survival and all sorts of science.

This alien presence has referencing all over history, myth and legend as well as theology, anthropology and archeology. Such reference exists in holy books such as the Quran, as well as the book of Enoch which we will examine in future articles…

(Strong where we with the power drawn from the eternal fire.)

Eternal fire, a metaphor for eternal light…enlightenment…wisdom…knowledge…alien race, alien knowledge, advanced science.

(My father, THOTME,

keeper of the great temple,

link between the Children of Light

who dwelt within the temple and the

races of men who inhabited the ten islands.)

Thotme, the father of Thoth seemed to be the coordinator between the alien race who dwelt in a temple and the human race.

This would indicate that the aliens did limit their interaction with the humans through the father of Thoth, which in turn indicates that they came to earth on a specific mission, an organized and controlled mission to develop and improve the human race.

Those aliens seemed to be able to take a human form and thus communicate with men in such manner.

(Taught me he, the path to Amenti,

the underworld where the great king sits

upon his throne of might.

Deep I bowed in homage before the Lords of Life

and the Lords of Death,

receiving as my gift the Key of Life.)

They taught Thoth the path to Amenti in the underworld under the Temple where there is a great king sits on his throne, with a company of Lords of life and Lords of death and granted him the secret of immortality.

(Free was I of the Halls of Amenti,

bound not be death to the circle of life.

Far to the stars I journeyed until

space and time became as naught.)

The knowledge passed onto Thoth, freed him from the physical laws that applies to all of us and enabled him to journey to stars and since he hints to space and time being naught that would draw us to the conclusion that his travel was astral and with a speed that is way faster than the speed of light. (What draws my attention here is the term he and we still use; the circle of life, it is a circle because it comes from death to life and back to death, it is a cycle for the physical earthly life.)

Space and Time may not stand still unless the journey taken exceeds the speed that forms and dictates the laws applied to Space and Time.

(In obedience to the law,

the word of the Master grew into flower.

Downward into the darkness turned the

thoughts of the Atlanteans,

Until at last in this wrath arose from his AGWANTI,)

What law that causes a word to grow into a flower. Simple, it is an intent, growing into a thought till it matures into reality which is the flower. Agwanti in here would be stillness and neutrality.

(Deep in Earth’s heart, the sons of Amenti heard,

and hearing, directing the changing of the flower of fire

that burns eternally, changing and shifting, using the LOGOS,

until that great fire changed its direction.)

The flower of fire, again, flower is a thought manifesting, fire is metaphor for light, eternal fire, eternal light the word of the king, the thought/flower was manifested applying the logos, in other words applying the laws that caused the disasters which lead to the inhalation of Atlantis (earth quake, volcanic eruption and floods).

(Only the Temple of Light was left

standing on the great mountain on UNDAL

still rising out of the water)

This can become a hint to the present topographical location of sunken Atlantis, the top of UNDAL mountain remains visible. And probable remains of a Temple of light ruins might also be visible…

(Take them by the arts ye have learned of far across the waters,

until ye reach the land of the hairy barbarians,

dwelling in caves of the desert.)

Above is a clear answer to the missing link in evolution between the homo erectus and the homo sapien cozens who at one stage roamed earth surface together, till the erectus no longer existed as before…

(Then raised I my staff and directed a ray of vibration,

striking them still in their tracks as fragments

of stone of the mountain.)

Watch the film star gate and you will know how the staff worked

(The entrance, a doorway, a gateway

leading down to Amenti.

The portal to dark Amenti.)

The portal to dark Amenti, that is why I used the term another space and time above. For if there is a portal that means there is another dimension, which means another space and time…

(Raised over the passage, I, a mighty pyramid,

using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity).

Deep and yet deeper place I a force-house or chamber;

from it carved I a circular passage

reaching almost to the great summit.)

Apparently, Thoth managed to find a portal that leads to AMANTI from the new location and raised a mighty pyramid on top of it.

Using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity) explains how the minimum 60 tons stones were levitated so accurately to a height exceeding 130 meters when erected.

The chamber is non else than the kings chamber situated deep inside the pyramid at a designated point of energy concentration within the pyramid.

Experiments were carried out by several scientists placing shaving blade in a proto type pyramid and discovering by doing so they preserved the sharpness of that blade two weeks more than a normal used blade. Other experiments were carried out by placing a piece of meat inside a prototype pyramid which resulted in extending its expiry date for an extra week. Not mentioning that the pyramid was build on the pi

If you know either the Diameter, Area or Circumference, the tool does the rest!

The circumference of a circle is the actual length around the circle which is equal to 360°. Pi (p) is the number needed to compute the circumference of the circle.

p is equal to 3.14.

Pi is considered Greek and I consider Thoth as its origin, it has been around for thousands of years!

(There in the apex, set I the crystal,

sending the ray into the “Time-Space,”

drawing the force from out of the ether,

concentrating upon the gateway to Amenti.)

The crystal, which was not an ordinary crystal, in fact it was an emerald cut in specific design to suit its purpose by sending the accumulated ray into the Time-Space to draw the force from the ether. Energy attracts energy of its type. And as man learnt since long time ago to harvest energy from wind, water and light, there are other ways to harvest energy from the ether. The crystal helps to focus that energy due to its reflecting nature.

(Other chambers I built and left vacant to all seeming,

yet hidden within them are the keys to Amenti.

He who in courage would dare the dark realms,

let him be purified first by long fasting.)

There are other chambers in the pyramid one of them is the queen chamber and one lead through a doorway to the sarcophagus, hidden in those chambers are the keys to Amanti which is camouflaged and needs meditation and focusing to locate.

The best way to do so is by long fasting, long fasting induces the necessary trance which puts the mind in the theta to delta frequency enabling one the way to reach his goal.

Lie in the sarcophagus of stone in my chamber.

Then reveal I to him the great mysteries.

Soon shall he follow to where I shall meet him,

Built I the Great Pyramid,

patterned after the pyramid of Earth force,

burning eternally so that it, too,

might remain through the ages.

Thoth shall meet him in AMANTI,

Patterned after the pyramid earth force is a miniature of earth elemental and gravitational energy field, and this needs to be discussed in a separate article in the future…

In it, I built my knowledge of “Magic-Science”

so that I might be here when again I return from Amenti,

Aye, while I sleep in the Halls of Amenti,

my Soul roaming free will incarnate,

dwell among men in this form or another. (Hermes, thrice-born.)

Thoth says he can take a physical form and roam amongst us.

Emissary on Earth am I of the Dweller,

fulfilling his commands so many might be lifted

As said in the legend of Thoth (al khodre holds the key of earth).