What If There is a Universal Formulated Christian Theology?

If this is true, it would be very helpful if we could find it. It would do away with the confusion we see in our churches. It would be a clear message to unbelievers that the church is the body of Christ Jesus. It would be easier to accept the Christian’s united message without the denominational factions. This would be a great blessing to the world. Because of this, it is very important that we find the Universal Christian Theology the whole Church would endorse.

Denomination factions are a curse on the church. Churches are split along denominational lines. Our beliefs are in limbo. Our actions and attitudes toward one another are a disgrace to God and His glorious plans for us. We need to forget about our denominational differences and organize against the common enemy. We cannot do this if we place our theology above the plain teachings in the Bible. This should never be. Jesus is the Head of the Church, and all true followers of Him are the body of the Church.

The true church is a united Church. In the true Church each member finds his/her place in the body of Christ. We cannot be a Christian without being part of the Church that Jesus built. We can have more than one denomination, but we cannot have more than one Gospel of Jesus Christ. Much needless confusion has resulted from people who have advanced their theology forward as God’s theology. God is “not the author of confusion.” The divisions come from carnally-minded people, not from the God of truth.

It really does not matter what you or I believe. The Universal Christian Theology we need is Christ-centered and Bible-based. It accepts the Bible as the Word of God, not just containing God’s words. As God’s Word, the Bible gives us the Universal Christian Theology we need to establish in our churches. There are not many Christs. The Lord Jesus Christ is the only one the true Church accepts. We have only one Head. The Jesus of the Bible is that Head. We have only one gospel, one faith, one God, one body of Jesus, one Holy Spirit, one great commission. If we have not started our theology here, we have a false gospel. We are false witnesses of God and His plans for us.

True Christian theology covers every area of our life in thought, word and deed. Nothing is excluded. It covers what we believe about special creation, the literal interpretation of the Bible, the things we oppose as well as the things we accept; the nature of God, of special creation, of angels, of anthropology, of sin, of the Jewish nation, of salvation, of the Christian ministry, of the Christian church, of the civil government, and of the world. Christianity is a relational experience with God and others. It relates to our love for God and others. It gives instructions that will help us develop this relationship to its fullest extent.